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Open to Third Party CA System and KM System

MeSince APP is an email client, which configures free email encrypting certificate for users automatically. In order to ensure user to encrypt and decrypt anytime on any device, the keys for encryption certificates have to be generated and distributed by a cloud-based KM, which ensures seamless and senseless procedure of email encryption. MeSince provides a private key management system (default KM) and a default CA system for providing a default encryption certificate and a default signing certificate. Meanwhile, APIs are opened to every CA or enterprise users for customizing MeSince APP. Users of the customized MeSince APP can get private key in other KM system and get certificate from other CA systems.

MeSince is opened to third party CAs, so that they can provide email encryption service for its subscribers and provide high level validation signing certificates. As for opening to in-house KM system, it will meet those enterprise's higher security requirement of the private key.

The Open Platform diagram is as follow. Enterprise users can build their own KM system while the certificates are still issued by MeSince CA; or they can build their own KM and CA system and provide encrypting certificate and identity certificates; or build their own CA system but still use MeSince's KM system, to issue certificates for their subscribers. Even though enterprise users using in-house CA, public key certificate of each subscriber will all be stored in the MeSince Certificate Database, to ensure that no matter which CA issued the user's certificate, all MeSince users don't need to exchange their certificates.

For those who want to have their own KM, but no one that can meet the requirements, they can buy a KM system from us. For those who do not have a compliant CA system, they also can buy a CA system from us that hosted in their own equipment room to issue encrypting certificates and signing certificates for their subscribers.

Please contact us if you want to use your own KM system and CA system.