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A Brief List of Email Security Case

Email has been closely linked to people's work and out-of-work life but its nature of being plain-texted has turn it into the hardest hit area by Internet fraud. The followings are some of the email leak incidents over the world. If those emails were encrypted by MeSince, how would the situation be? Only if all emails are encrypted can the world without thieves be possible.

  • June. 2017

    June 2017

    The UK Parliament has been hit by a "sustained and determined" cyber-attack by hackers attempting to gain access to MPs' and their staffers' email accounts. Up to 90 email accounts were compromised during the cyber-attack. It was reported that Russian hackers had put passwords belonging to senior ministers, ambassadors and senior police officers up for sale online.

  • Jan. 2017

    Jan. 2017

    Hackers attacked an email server of company belonging to Beckham's PR manager, which caused 18.6 million emails to be leaked including Beckham's emails and which caused the positive image of Beckham to collapse.

  • Nov. 2016

    Nov. 2016

    The agent of Hillary Clinton opened a phishing site to cause an internal email leak incident. Hackers submitted the leaked emails to WikiLeak. The leaked emails are disclosed during the presidential election campaign, which gave her a heavy blow and altered the result of the election.

  • Sept. 2016

    Sept. 2016

    Yahoo admitted that data on 500 million accounts was stolen, which includes email address, phone numbers, birthday, hash code and etc. This had become the largest leak incident in 2016 and it caused Verizon to lower the acquiring price with $ 350 million.

  • Aug. 2016

    Aug. 2016

    The head of Nigerian e-mail scams transnational criminal gangs was captured, who made hundreds of millions of Internet users worldwide suffer a loss of USD60 million. Their tricks of committing the crime include: tampering supplier's e-mail, sending false information to buyer, controlling corporate executives' e-mail and requiring financial employees to do wire transfers and so on.

  • Aug. 2016

    Aug. 2016

    European largest cable manufacturer, Leo Group, suffered an e-mail fraud with a loss of 40 million Euros. The fraudsters disguised as the headquarter, sent a request of payment to North Romania branch, and the Treasurer transferred 40 million Euros to the fraudsters' account in accordance with the request.

  • June 2016

    June 2016

    Japan's large travel agency J * B encountered phishing email; 8 million users' information was leaked, including their name, address and passport number etc. The email was disguised as a ticket booking confirmation mail from ANA, J * B staff opened the email, and thus resulted in computer and server virus infection.

  • Feb. 2016

    Feb. 2016

    The new extortion virus Locky was spreading via email, and several large organizations were impacted. Locky mainly used e-mail attachments to spread documents containing malicious macros to infect the user's computer and maliciously encrypt the important information, which cannot be decrypted unless ransom was paid.

  • Dec.2015-Jan.2016


    Austrian aircraft parts manufacturer F * CC encountered email fraud; the attacker posed as an employee or partner, sending an e-mail to the CEO for emergency remittance, and thus resulted in a loss of 50 million Euros. The company immediately fired its CEO after that.

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